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17 February
Posted in As A Catholic

Holy Spirit is God’s Love

I read a small article on a parish bulletin few weeks ago. The article written by Pastor Ignotus discussed about the Latin word ‘ut’ which example can be found on the Prayer after Communion for the Second Sunday of the Ordinary Time. In Latin, the prayer is Spiritum nobis, Domine, […]

11 May
Posted in As A Catholic

Faith Over Perfection

To be perfect is probably what most of us want to achieve; whether it is related to job, appearance, love or many other things. I am not a perfectionist. However, I always try to do my best although I sometimes get disappointed if the result is worse than expected. Sometimes […]

8 May
Posted in Events

Happy Mother’s Day!

So, my blogging journey begins on a very special day in Australia: Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! =) Also, for soon-to-be mothers, be prepared for something wonderful: bringing a new life into the world, raising him/her (i.e. your child) to be a great person in the future. […]

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